DUMAL “The Lesser God” CD


Cat No: TOD057
Format: CD (Digipack)


Good news for all those lovers of the Pennsylvania-based Black Metal band Dumal. Their debut album “The Lesser God” (2017) has been internationally recognized for being one of the best Atmospheric and yet melodic Black Metal album out from the US recently.

If you are not still familiarized with this band, and you like the riffs and atmospheres of bands as diverse as Sacramentum, Dissection, Mgla, Batushka, Satanic Warmaster, Taake, Arckanum, Uada or Burzum, surely Dumal is going to freeze your blood , since the trio has managed to unite in a truly virtuous and skillful way that amalgam of influences and arrangements to create a masterpiece where all these elements work together in harmony, being “The Lesser God” a genuine expression of black metal. But Dumal is much more than an influenced band by the differents Black Metal waves from the 90s onwards, Dumal has an unique aura and their own mark.

Many of you have been asking for a re-pressing of the ultra-limited CD long time sold out. The wait is over,  “The Lesser God” has been relased by Temple of Darkness Records on vinyl for the first time ever, in a limited run of only 300 LPs and CD format limited to 500 copies in luxurious digipack.

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