Cat No: TOD050/DVD
Format: DVD


In 1996, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas and Weltenbrand performed live in the city of Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The event was recorded, mixed and later that year released on split VHS tape, by M.O.S. Records Ltd., as “Nachtaugen, Live In Vaduz.”

The first press released to the public, currently known as the “Extended Version”, had a total duration of 70 minutes and featured both live concerts plus one video-clip of each band as
bonus. In the later re-presses, the two bonus video-clips were omitted, resulting in a tape of only 60 minutes.

This DVD  is the reissue of the “Extended Version” tape in digital format, including only Die Verbannten Kinder Evas´ video footage, that is his live performance & bonus video-clip.

To be faithful to the original, the film has been preserved in its unaltered form, hence the reason why the 4:3 aspect ratio and the 1996 mixing have been maintained. However, to improve the visual experience, we have added extra material providing the DVD with a menu, an outro and also a photo gallery.

Additionally, the original video and audio have been remastered using the latest technology and post-production techniques. For over a year now, a team of professionals have been working closely together, to archive both the highest possible image and sound quality. Once we reached the optimal result, we proceeded to the migration of the original remastered recording from analog format to digital format.

The original recording was previously only available on analogue VHS tapes, a fragile medium with a limited life-span, consequently it was condemned to disappear over the next years. This type of recording media is prone to deterioration and degradation due to the chemical decay of the tape’s magnetic components.
Therefore, this DVD can be considered a relic, not only because we have managed to rescue the only visual document of Die Verbannten Kinder Evas to date, but also because it has been improved and finally transcribed to the next generation of recording systems; the digital format. Amongst other feature, digital recording media has a life expectancy far superior to the already outdated magnetic videotapes. In that way, this DVD will preserve Die Verbannten Kinder Evas´ visual testimony over time.

Vinyl-effect DVD with a solid black ridged spiral running around the outside of the disc on the printed side, looking exactly like grooves in a vinyl record. Housed in a card wallet.This DVD is the same which is included in the double vinyl set. If you are going to purchase the double vinyl set, you will receive this DVD as part of the set.

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