Temple of Darkness Records history

Temple of Darkness Records is an extreme music record label from Spain, founded in 2004. We work alongside old metal bands from around the world to reissue their out-of-print albums and preserve classics over time.

But also, we are signing active or new bands to release their current works.

To all those bands who are interested in signing with us, please do not send large audio files via email, however, a direct link to your bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, blog… it’s enough. If you prefer, you can send us your music or videos to our instagram account. We listen to all your proposals, and we will contact those bands that have caught our attention. Thank you for your interest in Temple of Darkness Records.

What kind of music genres we are releasing?

The fact is that although we are specialized in Black and Death Metal, our roster of past and present artists is made up of an amalgam of the most important bands such as Merciless, Absu, Dark Tranquillity, Desultory, Mordicus, Vinterland, Ihsahn, Cadaver, Rotting Christ , Shining, Summoning…. that offer a rich variety of musical textures.

We are well known in the scene by having an exquisite music taste selecting the classics but also for releasing them in luxury limited editions and high quality manufacturing. For this reason, most of our releases quickly become collector’s items.

In 2011 was created our Thrash / Speed / Heavy oriented sub-label RAZORKILL RECORDS which is exclusively distributed by us.

Official labels and distributors, get in touch for wholesale or trades.

Temple of Darkness Records Distribution

We  also distribute a great selection of CD / LP / EP that can be purchased in the shop.

Are you tired of receiving your records damaged with seam splits, crushed corners… due to insufficient packaging? Not here. All orders are shipped with oversized rigid/solid boxes to prevent all types of damage during transit. The vinyl/sleeves are never in contact with the packaging edges. We pack everything for the worst case scenario (falls, hits, mishandling by the carrier, etc.) We guarantee that you will receive your purchase in perfect condition. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

International registered airmail shipping
Payment methods: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Wise, etc.