DUMAL “The Lesser God” LP / CD

Cat No: TOD057
Format: LP/ CD (Digipack)
Status: Available
LP price: 18,00 €
CD price: 12,00 €

Good news for all those lovers of the Pennsylvania-based Black Metal band Dumal. Their debut album “The Lesser God” (2017) has been internationally recognized for being one of the best Atmospheric and yet melodic Black Metal album out from the US recently.

If you are not still familiarized with this band, and you like the riffs and atmospheres of bands as diverse as Sacramentum, Dissection, Mgla, Batushka, Satanic Warmaster, Taake, Arckanum, Uada or Burzum, surely Dumal is going to freeze your blood , since the trio has managed to unite in a truly virtuous and skillful way that amalgam of influences and arrangements to create a masterpiece where all these elements work together in harmony, being “The Lesser God” a genuine expression of black metal. But Dumal is much more than an influenced band by the differents Black Metal waves from the 90s onwards, Dumal has an unique aura and their own mark.

Many of you have been asking for a re-pressing of the ultra-limited CD long time sold out. The wait is over,  “The Lesser God” has been relased by Temple of Darkness Records on vinyl for the first time ever, in a limited run of only 300 LPs and CD format limited to 500 copies in luxurious digipack.

ICE AGES “Nullify” CD

Cat No: TOD056
Format: CD (Digipack)
Status: Available
CD price: 14,00 €

“Nullify” is the fourth full-lenght album by Richard Lederer (aka Protector from Summoning, D.V.K.E.) This new work is pure dark art, apocalyptic and yet emotional and evocative. Synth music with a slow and calculated atmosphere that may even eclipse bands natives in the genre largely thanks to the fact that Richard has been really inspired and brilliant in this album.

For all those Summoning lovers out there, that would like to approach to new sounds, you will easily recognize the Richard Lederer signature in the 8 tracks, because the whole album is composed with the same winning formula used to create the Summoning songs. The atmosphere and melodies of «Nullify» will be so familiar for you all, specially in tracks like «Forsaken», «Death Parade», «Empty Shrine», «Reunion» or «Chasm

  • Deluxe Digipack
  • Special CD design with graphical mastering
  • Limitation: 500 copies

VIOGRESSION “A Pure Formality” MCD 

Cat No: TOD043
Format: MCD
Status: Available
MCD price: 9,90 €

VIOGRESSION (US) are considered to be one of the pioneering bands
of the Death metal genre. Two decades after its debut album (“Expound and Exhort” from 1991) they are back with:
“A Pure Formality” 4 new mid-tempo tracks of obscure and hypnotic Death metal. Vocalist Brian DeNeffe has done his best work to date, his sickening voice is not human but the sonic representation of rot and decay.
The superb guitars riffs & solos are of extreme beauty and the bass
and drums are technically perfect. As guest musicians, Paul Masvidal (CYNIC) and James Murphy (OBITUARY, DEATH, CANCER)

The overall aura of “A Pure Formality” is dramatic, intense, emotive and yet brutal

  • 7mm Maxi slim jewel case / J-card
  • Special CD design with graphical mastering
  • double sided insert with band photos and lyrics
  • Limitation: 500 copies


Cat No: TOD055
Format: Double Vinyl LP
Status: Available
DLP price: 27,90 €

“Damage Done” is the 6th full-length studio album by Dark Tranquillity,  a solid work that still utilizes the same winning formula of catchy melodic riffs.  Stanne’s vocal work maintains that darker, deeper barking quality drawn from the older Stockholm sound, this time, no clear vocals in the whole album. “Damage Done” is an intense & aggressive Melodic Death Metal masterpiece.

  • Double 180 grams black vinyl LP for the best sound experience.
  • High quality gatefold sleeve printed in 350 gr. cardboard with natural-touch finish.
  • 16 pages booklet (30×30 cms) printed in high quality 190 gr. offset paper and glued in the right panel of the gatefold sleeve, including liner notes by Mikael Stanne, band photos and lyrics.
  • Including 4 bonus tracks
  • Recorded at Studio Fredman, February and March 2002.  Music and arrangements 2000-2002.
  • Remastered by Ulf Horbelt at DMS, Marl, Germany.
  • Limitation: 500 copies


Cat No: TOD054
Format: Double Vinyl LP
Status: Available
DLP price: 27,90 €

“Projector” is the 4th full-length studio album by Dark Tranquillity, and perfectly represents the Gothenburg-style melodic Death Metal. Original and catchy riffs in perfect harmony with depressive & emotive parts underlined by atmospheric synths. Stanne does excellently both harsh and clear vocals. “Projector” is a very emotional album.

  • Double 180 grams black vinyl LP for the best sound experience.
  • High quality gatefold sleeve printed in 350 gr. cardboard with natural-touch finish.
  • 16 pages booklet (30×30 cms) printed in high quality 190 gr. offset paper and glued in the right panel of the gatefold sleeve, including liner notes by Niklas Sundin, band photos and lyrics.
  • Including 4 bonus tracks
  • Recorded at Studio Fredman in September 1998.  Music and arrangements 1996-1998.
  • Remastered by Ulf Horbelt at DMS, Marl, Germany.
  • Limitation: 500 copies


Cat No: TOD050
Format: Double Vinyl LP set
Status: Available
DLP set price: 49,00 €

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas was founded by Richard Lederer (aka Protector) and Michael Gregor (aka Silenius). The debut album, originally released in 1995 is a beautiful and melancholic journey heavily influenced by the music they were writing for their main project, Summoning

DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS debut album finally on  Double Vinyl set for the first time ever.

  • Double 180 grams black vinyl LP housed in a luxury gatefold sleeve.
  • 16 pages booklet, including unpublished band photos, interviews from the old era and B/W original paintings.
  • Original full colour paintings in an additional 12 pages booklet housed in a burano black envelope with textil Austrian flag ribbon.
  • 2 incense sticks housed in a black envelope
  • 4 exclusive photos (10×15 cms) taken randomly from a set of 12 different photos housed in a burano black envelope
  • The first 75 pre-orders will receive a photo autographed by Julia & Richard Lederer, and Michael Gregor
  • Certificate of Limitation & Authenticity made with special paper and hand-numbered to 500 copies. Also includes a numbered hologram sticker.
  • DVD, featuring famous VHS tape “Nachtaugen: Live in Vaduz” from 1996, digitally reissued, including the exlcusive “Quod Olim Erat” video-clip and a photo gallery as bonus.
  • Textil bag with printed DVKE logo to protect the whole set.

Everything has been remastered for the best sound and visual experience.

Promo video


Cat No: TOD050/DVD
Format: DVD
Status: Available
DVD price: 15,00 €

In 1996, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas and Weltenbrand performed live in the city of Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The event was recorded, mixed and later that year released on split VHS tape, by M.O.S. Records Ltd., as “Nachtaugen, Live In Vaduz.”

The first press released to the public, currently known as the “Extended Version”, had a total duration of 70 minutes and featured both live concerts plus one video-clip of each band as
bonus. In the later re-presses, the two bonus video-clips were omitted, resulting in a tape of only 60 minutes.

The DVD you´re holding in your hand, is the reissue of the “Extended Version” tape in digital format, including only Die Verbannten Kinder Evas´ video footage, that is his live performance & bonus video-clip.

To be faithful to the original, the film has been preserved in its unaltered form, hence the reason why the 4:3 aspect ratio and the 1996 mixing have been maintained. However, to improve the visual experience, we have added extra material providing the DVD with a menu, an outro and also a photo gallery.

Additionally, the original video and audio have been remastered using the latest technology and post-production techniques. For over a year now, a team of professionals have been working closely together, to archive both the highest possible image and sound quality. Once we reached the optimal result, we proceeded to the migration of the original remastered recording from analog format to digital format.

The original recording was previously only available on analogue VHS tapes, a fragile medium with a limited life-span, consequently it was condemned to disappear over the next years. This type of recording media is prone to deterioration and degradation due to the chemical decay of the tape’s magnetic components.
Therefore, this DVD can be considered a relic, not only because we have managed to rescue the only visual document of Die Verbannten Kinder Evas to date, but also because it has been improved and finally transcribed to the next generation of recording systems; the digital format. Amongst other feature, digital recording media has a life expectancy far superior to the already outdated magnetic videotapes. In that way, this DVD will preserve Die Verbannten Kinder Evas´ visual testimony over time.

Vinyl-effect DVD with a solid black ridged spiral running around the outside of the disc on the printed side, looking exactly like grooves in a vinyl record. Housed in a card wallet.This DVD is the same which is included in the double vinyl set. If you are going to purchase the double vinyl set, you will receive this DVD as part of the set.

EVILFEAST “Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest ” DLP

Cat No: TOD052
Format: Double Vinyl LP
Status: Last copies
DLP price: 27,00 €

“Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forests” is the debut album by Polish act EVILFEAST. Originally launched in 2004, now we have release it on Double vinyl LP for the first time ever.

One hour of captivating and atmospheric Black Metal at its best, evoking a misty forest in a winter night landscape under the fullmoon.



Cat No: TOD049
Format: CD
Status: Available
CD price: 12,90 €

“Join Us” is the debut album by Tiburón, and probably one of the most rare Swiss Death Metal albums from the 90’s. Originally released in 1996 but only few copies were manufactured. Now, this hidden treasure has been remastered and richly repacked including lots of old band photos, memorabilia, lyrics and more. This unique piece of history, is a must for your collection. Highly recommended for fans of: EXHORTATION, DAMNATORY, NAPALM DEATH, MANIFEST

AMBOSS “Those Who Have Lost the Right to Exist” CD

Cat No: TOD047
Format: CD
Status: Available
CD price: 12,90 €

“Those who have lost the right to exist” is the debut and only album from German Death Metallers AMBOSS.  Originally released in 1993 by Crypta Records (Gorement, Krhomadeath, Damien Breed…) Unorthodox and obscure Death Metal with orchestrations and atmospheric passages. This masterpiece is highly recommended for fans of: MORTA SKULD, VIOGRESSION, OBITUARY, meets GOREMENT, SEANCE

CEMETERY WINDS “Unholy Ascensions” CD

Cat No: TOD046
Format: CD Digipack limited to 1000 copies
Status: Available
CD price: 12,90 €

Finnish Death / Black Metal band CEMETERY WINDS debuts with the album “Unholy Ascensions”. 8 tracks combining obscure and crushingly heavy riffs to more bleak and desolate melodies. Session members: Kari Kankaanpää – vocals (Solothus/Sepulchral Curse), Marko Ala-Kleme – vocals (Nashorn) Juho Manninen – bass (Curimus). Cover art by tremendous Juanjo Castellano. Highly recommended for fans of: DISSECTION, PURTENANCE, MORDICUS, DEMIGOD, DISMA …


Cat No: TOD044
Format: 12″ vinyl MLP
Status: Available
MLP price: 12,90 €

“Morbid Majesty” from Austrian Black Metallers TRANSILVANIA, is raw and evil. The sound emerges from the deepest caverns of hell, guitars create an atmosphere of pure unrelenting darkness, and vocalist has risen from the grave to vomit infernal shrieks that will freeze your soul. No trends, no synths here, this is real Morbid Black Metal at its best. Highly recommended for fans of early BATHORY, MAYHEM, DARKTRHONE and MOONBLOOD.

MLP limited to only 500 copies. Purple vinyl.


Cat No: TOD042
Format: MCD
Status: Available
MCD price: 9,90 €

NEKRODELIRIUM hails from Sweden. “Apocalypse” was mixed and mastered by Ola Lindgren (GRAVE) Made up of four tracks harmoniously weaving a cold and desolate atmosphere of Melodic Blackened Death Metal, built with memorable melancholic riffs and some evocative acoustic interludes. Music is accompanied by suffered and dramatic fast acute vocals full of despair. “Apocalypse” is a profoundly sorrowful work with incredibly beautiful melodies. Highly recommended for fans of: VINTERLAND, DISSECTION, SACRAMENTUM, UNANIMATED, THE MOANING…

KRHOMADEATH “Grating into Corpse” CD

Cat No: TOD041
Format: CD (jewel case with band logo and title embossed)
The die-hard version includes poster + dedicated exlcusive card. Available for all our customers only via Temple of Darkness webstore.
Status: Available
CD price: 13,90 €

In 1994, French Death Metallers KRHOMADEATH released their only full-length CD via Crypta Records (Gorement, Chemical Breath, Amboss…) “Grating into Corpse” is nowadays one of the most rare and wanted item.
The re-issue contains the original album plus 2 bonus tracks and has been remastered for the best possible sound experience, also new amazing layout including lots of old band photos. You can expect nothing but pure and genuine Death metal in the 90’s style, highly recommended for fans of :

MORPHEUS “In the Arms of…” CD / LP

Cat No: TOD040
Format: CD / LP
Status: Available
CD price: 12,00 €
LP price (black colour , 250 units): 15,50 €
LP price (ice colour , 125 units): 17,90 €
LP price (splatter colour , 125 units): 17,90 €

This piece of Swedish Death Metal was originally recorded back in 1991 and released only on MLP format. Now finally available on CD version by first time. Remastered and remixed from the original master. Includes Exhumed (Pre-Morpheus) “Obscurity” Demo ’90 as bonus


Cat No: TOD039
Format: 12″ vinyl LP & 12″ vinyl PICTURE LP
Status: Available
LP price: 17,00 €
PICTURE LP price: 19,00 €

The 3rd album was a new musical direction, with elements from the emerging melodic death scene (Dissection, Unanimated, Sacramentum), but still preserve their unmistakable primal Death/Thrash mark. Limited edition to only 500 LP and PICTURE LP with the original artwork made by Kristian Wåhlin (NECROLORD) and 1 bonus track (SLAYER cover)

MERCILESS “The Treasures Within” LP

Cat No: TOD038
Format: 12″ vinyl LP limited to 500 copies
Status: Available
Price: 17,00 €

Originally recorded back in 1992, the 2nd Merciless album, was more technical but still brutal. Now re-released on vinyl format, with the original artwork, just a genuine replica (1:1) of the 1992 first press version by Active Records. In addition, the Temple of Darkness Records version includes 2 bonus tracks by first time.

SHINING “Submit to Selfdestruction” PICTURE EP

Cat No: TOD037
Format: 7″ vinyl PICTURE EP
Status: Available
Price: 9,50 €

Fourteen years after it was first released, the original debut single from Sweden’s SHINING has been made available as a limited edition 7” picture disc..

‘Submit To Self-Destruction’ was originally recorded at the Necromorbius Studios and released on Selbstmord Services in 1998, and proved to be a taste of things to come from Niklas Kvarforth and Shining. The picture disc, which features both the original tracks, ‘Endless Solitude’ and ‘Submit To Self-Destruction’, is limited to 1,000 copies and the artwork is by WATAIN’s Erik Danielsson.

DESULTORY “Counting Our Scars” LP

Cat No: TOD036
Format: 12″ vinyl LP
Status: Available
Price: 14,00 €

The Swedish Death Metallers DESULTORY reactivated again. “Counting our Scars” is the most anticipated album after 14 years since his last work. Expect nothing but Melodic Swedish Death Metal in the 90´s tradition. Highly recommended to all fans of: UNANIMATED, EUCHARIST, NECROPHOBIC…

SUMMONING “Nightshade Forests” PICTURE LP

Cat No: TOD035
Format: 12″ vinyl Picture LP limited to 500 copies. Housed in gatefold sleeve
Includes Insert with lyrics and a Certificate of Authenticity.
Status: sold out
Price: 21,95 €

‘Nightshade Forests’ contains songs missing on the “Dol Guldur” session. Both albums are connected, and should be seen as one album.

IHSAHN “After” Double LP

Cat No: TOD034
Format: Double 12″ LP. White marble colour. Limited to 500 copies. Gatefold sleeve. Certificate
Status: sold out
Price: 26,90 €

‘After’ is the new album from former EMPEROR vocalist / guitarist Ihsahn and completes the musician’s planned trilogy of initial recordings. The album showcases the Norwegian icon with drummer Asgeir Mickelson (Spiral Architect), bassit Lars K. Norberg (Spiral Architect), & saxophonist Jorgen Munkeby (Shining). ‘After’ is an essential album for all those fans of progressive extreme metal (OPETH, KATATONIA, ARCTURUS, EMPEROR)


Cat No: TOD033
Format: 12″ vinyl LP /  12″ vinyl PICTURE LP
Status: sold out
LP price: 17,00 €
PICTURE LP price: 23,00 €

Probably one of the most wanted Old School Death/Thrash metal albums of the 90’s. Released as vintage vinyl -a genuine replica of the first press edition released by DEATHLIKE SILENCE PRODUCTIONS (Anti-Mosh 001) owned by Euronymous. This edition contains the original artwork and photos used in 1990. We have included a big poster (A2) and lyrics, which were omitted from the original edition.

(both editions comes with sleeve, inner sleeve, poster, lyrics and 4 bonus tracks)

A CANOROUS QUINTET “Reflections of the Mirror” EP

Cat No: TOD032
Format: 7″ vinyl EP Limited edition to 500 copies
Status: Available
Price: 7,00 €

This EP includes two unreleased and exclusive tracks. All music was written and arranged by A Canorous Quintet 1994-95 to be included on the debut album “Silence of the World Beyond” but lack of budget kept them out. Now mixed/mastered by Linus Nirbrant in Sweden 2011.  Feel the 90’s sound  again!! FFO: Sacramentum, Dissection, Necrophobic, Eucharist, Vinterland, The Moaning, Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates, Unanimated….you know.


Cat No: TOD031
Format: 7″ vinyl EP housed in gatefold sleeve. Splatter orange vinyl.
Status: Available
Price: 8,00 €

2 new monumental Old School Swedish Death Metal tracks.Limited edition to 666 copies. Gatefold sleeve and splatter vinyl. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Bjärgö ( Crypt of Kerberos, Tyrant, ex-Chronic Decay,  Karjalan Sissit,  Sophia, Arcana…) at Erebus Odora

FOSCOR “Groans to the Guilty” CD

Cat No: TOD030
Format: CD & Digipack (limited to 500 copies)
Status: Available
Price: 12,00 € (jewel case) // 13,50 € (Digipack)

Foscor return with ten monumental songs for their third studio album of depressive, deep and inmense Black Metal. A cruel fall into the emotional side of music. The band have carved a huge worldwide following due their own style and high quality compositions. For fans of bands such as EMPEROR, CODE, SATYRICON or DODHEIMSGARD.

Review: BLACKTERROR METAL (Top Album Hit)
Review: FRIEDHOF MAGAZINE (9,25 / 10)
Review: BLACKDAWN ZINE (9 / 10)
Review: HOTEL666 (9 / 10)
Review: THE METAL CIRCUS (8,5 / 10)
Review: METALFAN (8,5 / 10)
Review: MY LAST CHAPTER (8,5 / 10)
Review: HIEROPHANT NOX (82 / 100)
Review: TERRORIZER (8 / 10)
Review: MORTEM ZINE (8 / 10)
Review: METALHEAD (8 / 10)
Review: LEGACY (11 / 15)
Review: METAL.DE (7 / 10)
Review: METAL ZONE (7 / 10)
Review: TAAKEFROST (7 / 10)

REV 16:8 “Grand Tidal Rave” CD

Cat No: TOD029
Format: CD
Status: Available
Price: 12,00 €

REV 16:8 is a new extreme Black Metal supergroup from Stockholm, Sweden, formed with members from acts such as: Dark Funeral, Infernal, Setherial, IXXI, Bloodshed, Finntroll and Nefastus. “Grand Tidal Rave” is their impressive debut album with 11 evil and dark opus, what could be described as a perfect mixture of fast and aggressive compositions with malignant aura and high quality infernal vocals. The album and has been mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Funeral Mist, Nominon, Leviathan, Malign, Armagedda..)

Review: HAVEN METAL (9,5 / 10) “Album of the month”
Review: PAVILLON666 (9,5 / 10)
Review: FRIEDHOF MAGAZINE (8,75 / 10)
Review: LORDS OF METAL (85 / 100)
Review: MASTERFUL MAGAZINE (8 /10) “Rev 16:8 is truly one of the best and most convincing black metal acts to come out of Sweden in the last years”.
Review: MORTEM ZINE (8 / 10)
Review: METAL.DE (8 / 10 )
Review: THE EXECUTIONE ZINE (7,75 / 10)
Review: THE METAL CIRCUS (7,7 / 10)
Review: MY LAST CHAPTER (7,5 / 10 )
Review: HIEROPHANT NOX (71 / 100)
Review: LEGACY (10 / 15)
Review: CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE (7 /10)
Review: DARK MUSIC SITE “REV 16:8 are technically impressive and almost perfect. A solid Swedish Black/Death album recommended for all fans into this style”

ZEMIAL “I am the Dark” EP

Cat No: TOD028
Format: 7″ vinyl EP limited to 666 copies. Gatefold sleeve. Poster
7″ vinyl PIC EP ltd to 333 copies. Gatefold sleeve. Poster

Status: Available
Price: EP 6,95 €
PIC EP 9,50 €

With “I am the Dark” EP Zemial close their tribute to Bathory. Two exclusive songs never released to date.


Cat No: TOD027
Format: 7″ vinyl EP limited to 666 copies housed in gatefold sleeve
7″ vinyl PIC EP limited to 250 copies housed in gatefold sleeve
Die-hard version: EP + T-shirt ltd. to 100 copies
Status: sold out
Price: EP 6,50 €
PIC EP 9,50 €
Die hard version: 20,00 € w/ EP // 23,00 € w/ PIC EP

Shining (Swe) plays Depressive Black Metal with a deep atmosphere and venomous tortured screams. The Shining’s music is full of dark emotional feelings and submerge the listener in depressive sounds that will no doubt, haunt the mind.
Den Saakaldte (Norway) plays Norwegian Black Metal without concessions. The excellent guitar work and the harsh and solemn voice, transports the listener to the old days of this style.


Cat No: TOD026
Format: CD
Status: Available
Price: 12,00 €

From the asses of the mighty DEPRAVITY (Finland), this band knows exactly how to keep the nineties sound, with a heavy and brutal riffs directly to your head. “230204” is their 2nd new album and was recorded, mixed and mastering from 2006 to 2008. For fans of bands such as: UNLEASHED, BOLT THROWER, CARCASS, NASUM, NECRONY or DISMEMBER.

Review: SUE MAGAZINE (9 / 10)
Review: ROCK HARD (9 / 10)
Review: METAL OBSERVER (8,5 / 10)
Review: LEGACY (10 / 15)
Review: TERRORIZER (8 / 10)
Review: NOISE (3 / 5)
Review: IMPERIUM (7,5 / 10)
Review: MY LAST CHAPTER (7,5 / 10)

LIE IN RUINS “Architecture of the Dead” MCD

Cat No: TOD025
Format: MCD
Status: Available
Price: 8,00 €

Originally formed in 1993 (Finland). Now the time is right to release their first MCD. With as many years of experience you can expect high quality Old School Death Metal here ! They return with more desire that never !!

Review: THRASH’EM ALL MAGAZINE (8,5 / 10)
Review: ROCK HARD (8 / 10)
Review: TERRORIZER (7,5 / 10)
Review: LEGACY (12 / 15)
Review: IMPERIUM (7 / 10)

FOSCOR “The Smile of the Sad Ones” CD

Cat No: TOD024
Format: CD
Status: Available
Price: 12,00 €

FOSCOR performs amazing Black Metal in the Northern tradition which will appeal to fans of EMPEROR, ENSLAVED, KEEP OF KALESSIN or CODE. Expect Black Metal of the highest calibre

Review: LEGACY (12/15)
Review: LOUCIFER SPEAKS (9.9/10)

SUMMONING “Oath Bound ” Double Picture LP

Cat No: TOD023
Format: Double 12″ Picture LP. Garefold Sleeve. A2 Poster
Status: sold out
Price: 25,00 €

Summoning’s Oath Bound is considered as one of their most epic album to date. Summoning have put more emphasis on the atmosphere by making lengthy songs that grasp the listener throughout the duration and entrance them into a fantasy world which it is the Summoning’s trademark . An Epic Black Metal album at his best !!

Review: METALEATER (10 / 10)
Review: SPUTNIK MUSIK (5 / 5)
Review: THE METAL CIRCUS (9,4 / 10)
Review: METAL STORM (9,2 / 10)
Review: CHRONICLES OF CHAOS (9 / 10)

MOONDARK “The Shadowpath” LP

Cat No: TOD022
Format: 12″ vinyl LP limited to 500 copies.
Status: sold out
Price: 12,00 €

MOONDARK (Sweden) was formed a cold and dark winter evening in the beginning of 1993 with former and presents members from acts such as Katatonia, Dellamorte, Centinex, Demonical, Interment, Uncanny, Regurgitate,Fulmination. The band gives us ultra slow and heavy death metal with utterly deep vocals, a must for the fans of early Crypt of Kerberos, Eternal Darkness, Demilich and Bolt Thrower. Massive !!!


Cat No: TOD021
Format: 7″ vinyl EP limited to 666 copies housed in gatefold sleeve
7″ vinyl PIC EP limited to 100 copies housed in gatefold sleeve
Status: sold out
Price: EP 6,00 €
PIC EP: 9,00 €

ABSU (Usa) exclusively performs
mythological occult metal since 1989 and is probably one of the best and most experimented band of this genre.

DEMONICAL (Swe) rose from the ashes of CENTINEX, and includes current and past members of GRAVE, MOONDARK, INTERMENT, DELLAMORTE.
Pure Swedish Black / Death Metal

VINTERLAND “Welcome My Last Chapter” CD / DLP

Cat No: TOD020
Double 12″ vinyl LP (Gatefold sleeve, Clear/Ice vinyl, insert with photos, ltd. 666 copies)
Deluxe CD Box Set (Clamshell box, poster, sticker, certificate)

Status:  CD Available // DLP Last copies
Price: Double 12″ vinyl LP 49,90 € (along with Vinterland DLP , buyer will recieve a bonus CD)
CD 29,90 € (along with Vinterland CD buyer will receive also Nekrodelrium “Apocalypse” MCD)

Coinciding with the 15th anniversary, Temple of Darkness records has re-release “Welcome My Last Chapter” in a deluxe gold CD housed in clamshell box with poster, sticker and certificate of authenticity. The re-issue also includes new layout with old photos taken by the band between 1993 – 1996 and the bonus track:
10. Freezing Moon (Mayhem’s cover) 5:56 min

Recorded during the winter Anno 1995 at Unisound Studios. Keyboards, handled by Dan Swanö.

Swedish Black / Death Metal at his best !!


Cat No: TOD019
Format: 7″ vinyl EP limited to 500 copies
Status: Available
Price: 6,00 €

The Darkest Romanian Band Satanochio meets The Konsortium – Masked Norwegian Horror. “Surrealists” a split between dreams and anger.
Artwork made by Twilight13Media.

JOTUNSPOR “Gleipnirs Smeder ” LP & PIC LP

Cat No: TOD018
Format: 12″ vinyl LP limited to 500 copies. Housed in gatefold sleeve
12″ vinyl PIC LP limited to 500 copies. Housed in gatefold sleeve
Status: Available
Price: LP 14,00 €
PIC LP 14,50 €

JOTUNSPOR (Norway) is a band formed in 2005 by King (Gorgoroth, Sahg etc.) and Kvitrafn (Sigfader, ex-Sahg ex-Gorgoroth, ). The album as a whole is dedicated to their Nordic forefathers and heritage. Jotunspor binds grim and primitive Black Metal together with elements of noisy Satanic Dark Ambient. The concept of Jotunspor is fundamentally rooted in the old Norse cults and beliefs.

Review: (5 / 5)
Review: Metalcrypt (4 / 5)
Review: Living For Metal (8,5 / 10)
Review: Metalinjection (7 / 10)

SHAARIMOTH “Current 11” LP

Cat No: TOD017
Format: 12″ vinyl LP limited to 500 copies. Includes poster
Status: sold out
Price: 12,00 €

Shaarimoth hails from Norway. Ritualistic Sumerian / Mesopotamian Death Metal. A great mixture of NILE, MORBID ANGEL and MELECHESH.

Review: METALFAN (87/100)


Cat No: TOD016
Format: 12 ” vinyl LP limited to 1000 copies. White vinyl housed in gatefold sleeve.
Status: sold out
Price: 16,00 €
19,90 € (diehard version includes partch)

Sweden´s Legends of punishing Death Metal Doom return.
“Total Darkness” discography LP contains unreleased and new remastered old tracks from 1990 – 1993. Expect pure Death Doom Metal with the genuine 90´s guitar sound and a really heavy and deep atmosphere.
This will be the ultimate Eternal Darkness vinyl ever. Don´t miss this gem.

MORDICUS “Dances from Left ” CD

Cat No: TOD015
Format: CD
Status: 2008 version (sold out) / 2015 version Available
Price: 15,00 €

Originally released in 1993. The 2015 re-issue comes with 7 bonus tracks and 20 pages booklet with unpublished photos to date.!!!
“Dances from Left” was recorded at the famous TICO-TICO studios, and has been completely re-mastered by the band, especially for this re-issue.

Review: IMPERIUM (8 / 10)
Review: TERRORIZER (8 / 10)
Review: METAL OBSERVER (8 / 10)
Review: NOISE (3 / 5)
“One of the best ever Death Metal album” ROCK HARD
“A masterpiece richly repackaged that you shouldn’t
let go” LEGACY
“It is an album that every death metal fan should possess” METAL HEART WEBZINE
“For all of you who have always loved the sounds of Finnish Death/Grind” METAL RULES


Cat No: TOD012
format: MCD
Status: Available
Price: 6,00 €

RIMTHURS hails from Sweden (Hudiksval) and plays Black Metal influenced by Viking folklore. The music is fast and raw, whilst at the same time managing to sound melodic. Outstanding vocals round off this brilliant piece of Nordic Art. Influences/Like : KAMPFAR, ENHERJER, MITHOTYN and MOCK

Review: MY LAST CHAPTER (9/10)
Review: TARTAREAN DESIRE (7,5/10)

SUMMONING “Lugburz” PIC LP w/sleeve

Cat No: TOD010/1
format: 12″ vinyl PIC LP w/sleeve limited to 300 copies
Status: sold out
Price: 13,50 €

Lugburz is the Summoning’s debut album. The only full-lenght with real drums in his career. Raw Black Metal but with an epic atmosphere. Finally available on vinyl PICTURE DISC by first time ever.

Review: LUNAR HYPNOSIS (9/10)
Review: METALSTORM (8,5/10)

SUMMONING “Sounds of Middle – Earth” Box set PIC- LP

Cat No: TOD010
Format: Box set / 5x 12″ vinyl PICTURE LP
Status: sold out
Price: 82,99 €

SUMMONING is the musical incarnation of Tolkein’s world. No one does it better than this legendary band. The magic and epic music of “Lugburz”, “Minas Morgul” and “Dol Guldur” finally released in a luxury 5x Picture Disc box set version. Includes a 30×30 cms booklet with lyrics and unplublished photos.

Review Lugburz: LUNAR HYPNOSIS (9/10)
Review Lugburz: METALSTORM (8,5/10)

Review Minas Morgul: METAL.DE (10/10)
Review Minas Morgul: LUNAR HYPNOSIS (9/10)

Review Dol Guldur: LUNAR HYPNOSIS (10/10)
Review Dol Guldur: CHRONICLES OF CHAOS (10/10)

HELLSAW “Spiritual Twilight ” DLP

Cat No: TOD009
Format: Double vinyl 12″ LP limited to 500 copies
Status: Available
Price: 14,00 €

Hellsaw combines cold riffs with harsh vocals to produce the perfect Black Metal sound. “Spiritual Twilight” was originally released in 2005 but only on CD version. Now, the Double vinyl LP format has been released by Temple of Darkness Records.  Highly recommended to all fans of their well-known comrades ABIGOR.

Review: METALNEWS (6/7)
Review: SCHWERMETALL (10/13)
Review: METAL.DE (7/10)


Cat No: TOD008
Format: 7″ vinyl EP limited to 666 copies
Status: sold out
Price: EP 6,00€ //  PIC EP 8,90 €

Formed in 2003 by Alastor and Sorath, Norwegian band BEASTCRAFT plays raw, primitive Satanic Black Metal with dark necro trademark guitar sounds.

ORCRIST was founded in April 2000 by Grav (drums / lyrics) and Bhaal (guitars/lyrics).A great example of pure Black Metal with a glacial, evil atmosphere.

UNLIGHT ORDER “Through the gates of Torment” MCD

Cat No: TOD007
Format: MCD limited to 1000 copies
Status: Available
Price: 6,00 €

Unlight Order was formed in Linköping, Sweden in December 2004 by the brothers Soahc and Moloch. Swedish Black Metal with cold riffs, raw vocals and grim melodies. No mercy !! Artwork by Black Cult productions and Temple of Darkness Records.

Recommeded to all fans of: WATAIN, DARK FUNERAL, SETHERIAL

VEMOTH “Köttkroksvals” CD / PIC LP

Cat No: TOD006
Format: CD / PIC LP limited to 500 copies
Status: Available
Price: CD 10,00 € // PIC LP 14,00 €

Formed at the end of 2004, Swedish band VEMOTH received excellent reviews for his debut  album “Krottkroksvals”:
“Incredible Swedish Black Metal, very well composed with a melodic touch. Influences/ like: DISSECTION, AMON AMARTH, WATAIN, SATYRICON, ARCKANUM. A future masterpiece ! ”

Review: My Last Chapter: 9/10
Review: Legacy: 11/15
Review: 8,5/10
Review: Tartarean Desire: 7/10
Review: Ancient Ceremonies: 7/10


Cat No: TOD004
Format: 7″ vinyl EP. Ltd. to 666 hand-numbered copies.
First 200 copies in white vinyl, rest in grey vinyl.
Status: Available (only grey colour)
Price: 6,00 € (grey) 6.50 € (white)

CADAVER needs no introduction. The Norwegian band has been playing pure Death metal since 1988. Previous works such as “Hallucinating Anxiety”(1990), “In Pains” (1992) or “Necrosis” (2004) firmly confirmed Cadaver to be one of the most important bands to come out of Norway. VOICE OF HATE (Spa) both tracks are probably their most aggressive sound to date, in the vein of SLAYER (“South of Heaven” and “Seasons in the Abyss” era.)

Review: MY LAST CHAPTER (9/10)


Cat No: TOD003
Format: 7″ vinyl EP limited to 666 copies
Status: sold out
Price: 6,00 €

NAER MATARON (Gr) Was formed in 1994. This band plays quality Black Metal, with the true Hellenic touch. Their contribution to this unholy union is a pure BlackMetal hymn, with excellent riffs and acoustic parts giving it a melodic and epic touch. The strength of experience possessed by the members of Spanish VOICE OF HATE enables this band to experiment successfully with styles far removed from Death Metal. Here, their extraordinary cover version of VELVET UNDERGROUND’S “Venus in Furs” gives ample proof of how successful this experimentation can be.

ERESHKIGAL “The Raping of the Divine” LP

Cat No: TOD002
Format: 12″ vinyl LP. 1000 numbered copies. Purple vinyl housed in gatefold sleeve
Status: Available
Price: 10,00 €

The roots of this unholy creation can be traced way back to 1988, when, as FLEGTHON, the band were first inspired by the myths and legends of their native Greece. “The Raping of the Divine” was composed between 1996 and 2005, and is imbued with the atmosphere of the ancient Greece. The music is in the vein of :ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA or THOU ART LORD.


Cat No: TOD001
Format: 7″ vinyl EP, limited to 666 copies. Housed in gatefold sleeve
Status: sold out
Price: 6,00 €

IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES (Swe): Dark Industrial since 1988. Written, programmed and performed by Jouni Havukainen. Vocals and lyrics: Tomas Pettersson (ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO)

VOICE OF HATE (Spa): Death/Black since 1992. Excellent acoustic track for a perfect post-apocalyptic soundtrack.