COVID-19 info.

Temple of Darkness Records is operational, we continue our business as usual.

Temple of Darkness Records offices and warehouse are not open to the public, therefore, all orders are processed in a space free of covid-19. In addition, we have implemented teleworking in those positions where it is possible to carry out the activity from home, currently the only people who physically work, are the guys from the warehouse, and they do it with disposable gloves and masks, and keeping the safe distance. Our government has kept the postal service operational, and postal workers must also comply with hygiene and safe measures imposed by health authorities, making the circuit from our warehouse to post offices safe. It means that the channels of distribution are safe and you can receive your packages at home as always.

Therefore, as it is not risk of contagion in our facilities due to all hygiene and safe measures, we have decided to continue our business as usual. Temple of Darkness records is taking, processing and sending orders as usual, so you can order with confidence. Stay safe and healthy.