SCEPTRE OF THE FADING DAWN ‎– Dark Secrets Of The Ancient – Cassette (Atrocity Altar) 15,00 EUR
MORAŠ – Gaze Of The Void – LP (Archaic Memories) 29,00 EUR
VIRULENT SPECTER – Upon A Dead And Derelict Throne – LP (Black Gangrene Productions) 16,00 EUR
PSYCHIC CIRCLE – Sacrifice – LP (Black Gangrene Productions) 17,00 EUR
DRY INSIDES – Dry Insides – EP (7″, Knife Vision) 8,00 EUR
FEVER NEST – Black Carrion Fowl – LP (Knife Vision) 21,00 EUR
SANDWORM – Lordsil – LP (Knife Vision) 21,00 EUR
HULDER – De Oproeping van Middeleeuwse Duisternis – LP (Iron Bonehead Productions) 23,00 EUR
CULT OF FIRE – Triumvirát – Gatefold LP + Poster (Iron Bonehead Productions) 17, 00 EUR
CULT OF FIRE – Ascetic Meditation of Death – Gatefold LP + Booklet & Poster (Iron Bonehead Productions) 17,00 EUR
OSTOTS – Hil Argi – LP (Altare Productions) 21,00 EUR
OWL’S BLOOD – Cold Night Of Meditation – LP (Altare Productions, Skjold) 21,00 EUR
ORGY OF CARRION – Blood Washed Away The Grave Purity – CD (DinA5) 19,00 EUR
SAX – Moravské Nářez – LP (Monster Nation) 17,00 EUR
SORTS / CALES – Onset Of Twilight – A Tribute To Bathory – EP (7”) (Monster Nation) 6,00 EUR
DARKTHRONE – Old Star – LP 25,00 EUR (Peaceville)

VRORSAATH – Moonlights Wrath / Tape (Perverse Homage version)
BASTARD OF MAJESTY SIN – s/t / Tape (Perverse Homage re-release)
DEMONIC HORDES – Night For The Invocation / Tape
NÄCHTLICH – Nächtlich LP 24,00 EUR
ALPTRAUM / GRAUSAMKEIT ‎– Evakuierung Der Seele / Destroying Saarbrücken Session I EP 11,00 EUR
OSCULUM INFAME – Axis Of Blood 2xLP 25,00
KATATONIA – Jhva Elohim Meth LP (blue) 22,00 EUR
DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE – Ravendusk In My Heart LP (red) 24,00 EUR
MAYHEM – Daemon LP 21,00 EUR
FATA MORGANA – Fata Morgana LP 17,00 EUR
MORTIIS – Blood And Thunder LP 16,00 EUR
MORTIIS – The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost LP 16,00 EUR


CRYPTS OF WALLACHIA – Drifting In The Devil’s Maze Cassette
NAHTRUNAR – Symbolismus 2xLP
NAHTRUNAR – Mysterium Tremendum LP
TURIA – Dede Kondre LP
OBSIDIAN GRAVE / UNHOLY VAMPYRIC SLAUGHTER SECT – Lupine Musings of a Dying Faith – 10″MLP Color: Ultra Clear
OBSIDIAN DAWN ‎– Echoes Of A New Dawn MLP
TORRID DEATH’S FIRE ‎– Nocturnal Erotic Symbolism LP


DARK HERESY – Abstract Principles Taken To Their Logical Extremes CD
URARV – Argentum MCD
LUBRICANT – Swallow This… CD
REVEREND BIZARRE – Harbinger Of Metal DLP Black vinyl, gatefold jacket
DEMILICH – Nespithe LP Black vinyl
SWALLOW THE SUN – Hope DLP Limited Galaxy Edition
SWALLOW THE SUN – Plague Of Butterflies DLP Limited Galaxy Edition

DISSECTION The Past is Alive LP
FATAL Soul Burning Still LP
FUNEBRE Children of the Scorn LP
NECROPHOBIC Nocturnal Silence LP

ABHORER Zygotical Sabbatory digi-CD
DEAD HEAD The Feast/The Festering  2-CD
DISMEMBER Like an Everflowing Stream CD
DISSECTION The Past is Alive digi-CD
FATAL Soul Burning Still CD
HADES Again Shall Be… digi-CD
HADES Alone Walkying digi-MCD
HADES Dawn of the Dying Sun digi-CD
NECROPHOBIC Nocturnal Silence digi-CD
PARAMAECIUM Exhumed of the Earth CD


MESARTHIM – Isolate LP (Atmospheric black metal)
ISON – Cosmic drone LP (Atmospheric black metal)
ISON – Andromeda skyline LP (Atmospheric black metal)
SOJOURNER – The Shadowed Road DLP (Epic black metal)
SOJOURNER – Empires of Ash DLP (Epic black metal)
UNREQVITED – Stars wept to the Sea LP (Atmospheric/Depressive Post-Black Metal)
DOWNFALL OF NUR – Umbras de Barbagia DLP (Pagan-folk black metal)
SAOR – Forgotten Paths LP (Pagan-folk black metal)


LITANIE – In Nomine Humana, Tenebris CD digipack
ELIXIR – Les tours du temps CD digipack
WITCHES MOON – A Storm of Golden Mare and Black Cauldron MCD digipack
FALGAR – De sangre y sol CD digipack
WERESS – The dungeon on the Moon MCD digipack
LIKSMINKE – Det onde tjernet CD digipack
WINTAAR – Frostland CD digipack

IMMORTAL – Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism – Ltd Gatefold LP  19,90 €
IMMORTAL – At The Heart Of Winter – Blue Galaxy Vinyl  19,90 €
IMMORTAL – Damned In Black – Ltd Gatefold LP  19,90 €
MARDUK – Those Of the Unlight – Gatefold LP   19,90 €
MARDUK –  Heaven Shall Burn When We Are Gathered – Gatefold LP    19,90 €
REGIMENT – On Les Aura!  – Ltd LP    19,90 €
SAMAEL – Worship Him (25 years of Osmose Productions)    Ltd LP  19,90 €
SHINING  – Halmstad  –  Ltd Gatefold LP   19,90 €
ENSLAVED – Frost – Gatefold LP  21,00 €
BEASTCRAFT – Crowning The Tyrant MLP 18,00 €
BEASTCRAFT – Pentagram Sacrifice MLP 18,00 €
BEASTCRAFT – Satanic Supremacy MLP 18,00 €
THE BLACK – The Priest of Satan – LP  19,90 €
THE BLACK – The Priest of Satan – CD   12,00 €
SAMAEL    Worship Him (25 years of Osmose Productions)    Ltd CD 14,00 €
MASTER’S HAMMER – Ritual – CD   12,00 €
GLACIATION – Sur les Falaises de Marbre – CD Digipack    12,00 €

BURZUM – Hvis Lyset Tar Oss LP 24,00 €
BURZUM – Filosofem Double LP 25,00 €
CLANDESTINE BLAZE – Tranquility Of Death LP 17,00 €
CONVULSE – World Without God – Extended Edition DLP 29,90 €
EMPEROR – In the Nightside Ecplipse LP 30,00 €
EMPEROR – Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk LP 30,00 €
KAUAN – Kuu.. LP 25,95 €
KAUAN – Pirut LP 25,95 €
KAUAN – Muistumia CD 16,00 €
KAUAN – Sorni Nai CD 16,00 €
NECROPOLE – Solarite CD 13,00 €
NECROPOLE – Solarite LP 18,00 €
RAPID – Ancient Force EP 8,00 €
SWALLOW THE SUN – New Moon DLP 28,00 €
SWALLOW THE SUN – Emerald Forest And The Blackbird DLP 32,00 €

BLACK METAL: The Cult Never Dies Vol .1 (by Dayal Patterson)

300 pages and over 150 photos, many previously unpublished. Features exclusive and definitive interviews with:

Satyricon, Manes, Kampfar, Solefald, Wardruna/Jotunspur/Gorgoroth, Xantotol, Arkona, Mastiphal, Evilfeast, Mgła/Kriegsmaschine, Strid, Silencer, Bethlehem, Forgotten Tomb and Total Negation. 

Includes a chapter on the art of Theodor Kittelsen

Price: 17,99

SORCERY and RELIGION in Ancient Scandinavia (by Varg Vikernes)

Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia is a book from Varg Vikernes, one of the most controversial musicians of all time and the mastermind behind one of the most acclaimed Black Metal bands in the world Burzum. Convicted in 1994 of the murder of band-mate Euronymous, Vikernes has since spent 15yrs studying the traditions and beliefs of the Ancient Scandinavians and their influence on modern Europeans. That research has culminated in a book in which the outspoken and often divisive author challenges many of the widely held views of contemporary culture and its history. The passionate and in-depth text provides an absorbing insight into the thoughts of this most notorious of musicians. Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia makes fascinating reading and will be of interest not only to Black Metal and Burzum fans, but also to those with an interest in Norse mythology or European history and social commentators

Price: 15,00

The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-94 (hardcover) by Jorn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud

In this unique documentary book, Stubberud shares the first groundbreaking years of Mayhem’s existence including their first photo-sessions in full corpse regalia; recording sessions, and exclusive stills from live video footage of their earliest gigs. In Necrobutcher’s Death Archives he shares rarely seen photos of the band before death of singer Pelle “Dead” Ohlin and murder of guitarist Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth.

Once Mayhem established their unique sound, The Norwegian Black Metal scene grew ferociously and globally finding common ground in violent imagery, horror iconography, fierce anti-Christian views, which ultimately led to over fifty church fires, among them the iconic Fantoft Stavkirke in Bergen. The violent nature of the music also led to the brutal murder of Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth in 1993 by Varg “Count Grishnak” Vikernes internationally known as Burzum. Today, Norwegian Black Metal is one of the most distinct and controversial sub-cultures in the music world, its popularity spanning globally from China to Mexico. The book is not only a documentation of a band- it is also a story about Norway, and a unique Norwegian subculture where a deep fascination for authentic Nordic culture and nature is deeply immersed.

The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-94 was listed as one of Rough Trade’s top books of 2016.

Price: 69,99