NIGHTSPIRIT “Death Be Thy Name” CD [Cat.Ref.:TOD048]
(Melodic Black / Death Metal from Sweden. Originally self-released in 1999. Highly recommended for fans of bands such as Unanimated, Sacramentum, Dark Tranquillity (“The Gallery” era), In Flames (“Lunar Stain” era) Artwork by Juanjo Castellano)
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DECORYAH “Box set” [Cat.Ref.:TOD059]

DECORYAH ” Wisdom Floats” DLP

DECORYAH “Fall-Dark Waters” LP

DECORYAH “Breathing the Blue” LP

Housed in a luxury lid/base box.Matt anti-scratch laminated. Logo & text glossy UV reservation.

Audio specially remastered for vinyl format.

Wisdom Floats first track sound aberration has been corrected.

180g certified black vinyl for Hi-Fi quality.

Original artwork & improved letter fonts.

Insert with lyrics.

Limited to 274 copies.

Under exclusive license fom Metal Blade.

Pre-orders will be announced soon.